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Superpad provide oppurtunities to invest in project from bottom to enjoy the fruits of success.

Superpad Features


Multichain Launchpad

Superpad support multichain, so project creator with different chain can raise funds & interact with community members.

Unique Tier System

Superpad has designed a unique tier for our investor so the investor has maximum chance to get an allocation in an upcoming project.

Staking APY System

Superpad has developed a staking APY system so SPAD holders get Maximum benefit from staking.

Token Deflationary

SPAD token will increase its inherent value in long term because of Token burning & Buyback Mechanism.

All in One Launchpad

Superpad conduct seed, private and public round for project creator to raise fund and also conduct the NFT land sale for NFT creator.


SPAD holders can gain voting right on the platform such as choosing the next project on the launchpad & feature to develop & token burn ratio and distribution, etc.


we give chance every user to participate in IDO by enabling cooldown feature. if user get allocation in any ido then in next IDO that user go to cooldown .


A major challenge inherent currently in blockchain and crypto is transparency. Superpad solves this by clearly explaining our fee structure and platform functions.

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