The Superpad platform is a Community Governed Decentralized Multichain platform.

Superpad is a decentralized multichain IDO Platform help Projects to safely raise capital and giving investors confidence. The Superpad platform is a Community Governed Decentralized Multichain platform on the Binance Smart Chain . The platform will introduce Multichain fundraising , unique tiers with APY and governance voting to the ecosystem. Superpad empowers projects to raise funds transparently and securely while building strong communities supporting them. SuperPad has the potential to disrupt the financial market with unique tier and staking APY system with multichain launchpad so it can give maximum users to take parts and able to get an allocation in maximum projects. And also select a good Project team and developer with the best support, high-quality projects and become the world's first mass-adopted Defi platform.
We have created Superpad to solve Community problems in the launchpad space and provide the investing opportunities on all major chains ,not just one. It support Etherum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama , Fantom, Iotex, Internet Computer Protocol , Celo , and More As Required. Our platform enables investor communities to research and interact with project creators to exchange ideas and help grow the ecosystem.This allows Superpad to support high-quality projects and become the world's first mass-adopted DeFi platform.
Our main goal is to create a simple, Easy to use ,transparent, and secure IDO platform for everyone regardless of their prior experience in crypto.
​SuperPad Specialties

Take Your Project To the Moon

MultiChain Launchpad:- We design Multichain Launchpad so Project Creator with different chains can raise funds and interact amongst community members.We also made it easier for Community members get to participate in all projects with different chains in a single Launchpad i.e Superpad.

We Work on this problem because today there are many launchpads but with only one or two chain integration, So for investors and users, it becomes a problem that for a multichain project they have to done staking in different launchpad and because of this problem many community members not able to participate in all project this is because of financial problem and their different tiers system.

Conduct Seed, Private & Public Sale:- We open doors of seed sale and private sale for normal users . Superpad has developed a system where project can fundraising for seed, private & public IDO . SuperPAD provide all projects creator a healthy opportunity so they can raise fund for all type of sale such as seed, Private & Public. and normal users also take part in seed and private round.

Unique Tiers System:- Superpad has designed a unique tier system for the retail investor and whale so that each user can have a maximum chance of getting allocation in a project launch in our launchpad. We develop a unique tier system including a cooldown system, ticket priority, and staking APY system. Every retail user faces a problem of not getting allocation and in all launchpad major allocation goes to whale so we develop a unique system by which retail and whale investor has a fair chance to get an allocation in the project according to their staking amount.

All in One Launchpad:- We integrate NFT Land Sale, IDO with Public, Seed, and Private round for fundraising.

Unique Staking APY system- Superpad Develop a unique system of staking so that users can get the maximum benefit from staking also increase the probability of getting allocation. SPAD holders can earn passive income from their tokens by holding them in staking wallets, as well as in SPAD liquidity pools to be launched on several DEX platforms. Apart from that, all rewards and incentives for participating on the SuperPad platform will be offered in $SPAD tokens.

By our staking APY system we prevent our native token price from dumping and increase the inherent price of SPAD.

Token Burning and Buyback mechanism:- we introduced a burning and buyback mechanism in our launchpad native token to prevent the price of the coin from dumping. We Quarterly burn the token with a special strategy and also Buyback our native token it will enhance the ROI for the entire SPAD holder community, by enhancing the token's inherent value.


What problem we trying to solve?

The current leading launchpads are suffering from the below issues which inspired us to develop a fair and more robust launchpad:

1.Transparency :- A major challenge inherent currently in blockchain and crypto is transparency. Countless services - including launchpads - have vague and opaque processes, making it hard for the average consumer to understand the project's rationale. Superpad solves this by clearly explaining our fee structure and platform functions.

2.High gas fees:- It costs Around 100-200$ on ETH to claim and swap ido tokens which is a major problem for investors. Claiming vested tokens cost as much as the token value in certain situations. Superpad is concentrating on low fees blockchains, avoiding high transaction fees altogether.

3. Low allocations:- on Most of the leading launchpads you need to hold big amount platform tokens and you recvied a very small allocation in return.

4. Multiple tokens for multiple chains:- Every major project has a monopoly on certain chain projects. In order to participate in different blockchains you need to hold different launchpad tokens. SuperPad solves all this, holding SuperPad tokens would enable you to participate in launchpads on All supported chains.

5. Cooldown:- we give chance every user to participate in IDO by enabling cooldown feature. if user get allocation in any ido then in next IDO that user go to cooldown it means he not participate so another users get chances.


How We Different From Others ?


Vision & Mission

Our Vision:- Superpad also wants that Every IDO community member should be a part of our launchpad. if a user has not done any staking then also we want them to be part of our launchpad. We also organize a community round and a community contest to cheers our community and boost our community. Superpad develops a Unique tier System so all users can participate and get an allocation in maximum projects from a single launchpad.

Our Mission:- SuperPad has a Mission that, not a Single project creator has to move back from its target or achievement. We try to provide all functions on a single platform so project creators from NFT Land Sale, IDO do not face any problem of raising funds, exploring its idea in the world. we create a platform that incorporates pluggable solutions to the problems early-stage ventures face after fundraising, alongside creating venture investment structures that make participation far safer for retail.


Revenue Model

Project Launch:- If a project is successfully funded on the SPAD launchpad, SuperPad will charge a 3-7% success fee from the total funding and 1-3% of total tokens sold. The amount will vary depending on the scope of the project. If the funding was not successful, there will be no fees.

Transaction Fees :- We take Transaction fees on transfer.

Penalty:- User who unstake SPAD before locking time we take penalty on early unstake it depends on how much days are remaining in unstake 10-80% penalty.

Growth Strategy

User Acquisition Strategy

For every new project listed on SuperPad Launchpad, We start Community Round and Community Social media Engagement Program. We Run different Campaigns for project advertising and marketing for that we Distribute rewards to the community member. As Campaigns and marketing increase and attracts more significant numbers of token holders and community members. The SuperPad team needs to attract new projects while maintaining high-quality standards to ensure future sustainability.

To achieve this, we implement the following strategy:

1. SuperPad Quiz Competition

2. Webinars

3. Conferences such as AMA

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Gleam Round For New Project

6. PR Events

SuperPad will also introduce a referral program to attract new users. The program enables users to advertise our platform and be rewarded with SuperPad tokens.It's vital to maintain the existing user base. We're currently developing a method for investors to keep track of all their investments, provide project-related news and engage in project-specific community forums.



  • IDO Allocation:- Allocations to Seed, Private, Public sale is exclusive to SPAD token holders

  • Staking & Rewards: SPAD holders can earn passive income by staking token in smart contract as well as in SPAD liquidity pools to be launched on several DEX platforms. Apart from that, all rewards and incentives for participating on the SuperPad platform will be offered in SPAD tokens.

  • Governance: SPAD holders can gain voting rights on the platform, by staking a pre-defined amount of tokens in their specified staking wallets. By doing so, they can participate in the community’s decision-making process, regarding matter such as new proposals, pool audits, circulation, token burn ratio, distribution, and so on. Moreover, governors will also have a say on Poolz’s on-chain governance model.

  • Token Burn: Superpad will follow a Limited Top Value burn policy, using 10% of its Quartly earnings to market buy SPAD tokens (upto 20% of total supply) and burn them. This, in turn, will enhance the ROI for the entire SPAD holder community, by enhancing the token’s inherent value.



Sale Details
  • Total supply: 200 Million SPAD
  • Initial supply: 15.14 Million SPAD
  • Private sale price: 0.007
  • IDO Price : 0.01
  • Raised in Private Sale : 70000 $
  • Intial market Cap : 151400 $
    Token Distribution
    Token Release Schedule


    * Numbers in Millions 1 = 1 Millions


    Release details
    • Private: 9 month equal weekly unlocking starting at TGE
    • Public : 3 month equal weekly unlocking starting at TGE.
    • Liquidity: 20% TGE Then Linearly over 12 Months
    • Marketing: 5% TGE Then Linearly over 24 Months
    • Team : 1 year Lockup Then Linearly over 12 Months
    • Reserve: 1 Year lockup Then Linearly over 12 months
    • Reward : 10% TGE Then Linearly over 24 months

Not Available

Meet Our Team

Arpit Jain
CEO & Fonder
Yogesh Saroya
Sr Full stack developer
Ayan Jain - IIT Delhi
Blockchain Developer
Jatin - IIT Kharagpur
Blockchain Developer
Akshat Jain
Co- Founder & CTO
Deepak K. - IIT Delhi
Full stack Developer
Arpit Jain
Account Manager


Project Key Metrics
Sale Price 1 SPAD = $0.01
Sale Start Time (UTC) TBA
Sale End Time (UTC) TBA
Token Distribution (UTC) TBA
Initial Market Cap $151,400
Total Supply 200,000,000
Initial Token Circulation 15,140,000