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Meta Warriors


Meta Warriors

Meta Warriors

*Meta Warriors is a first ever open world 3D Zombie shoot-to-earn game on blockchain that captures the essence of Finding Treasures and Fights for survival.


Project includes two tokens, (Meta Warriors) as governance and main token and (WarX) as in-game reward token.

Game is divided into two lands:

1: First is ZombieLand, where gamers can kill zombies and earn rewards such as NFT and Tokens. It has different modes like Story Mode (PVE), Multiplayer Quest Mode (PVP), and Tournament Mode. We have launched a prototype on Android, WebGL and VR Oculus Quest 2.

2: Second is Survival Island, which is a nonviolent metaverse zone where gamers can buy/sell lands, organize events, build shops, play mini-games etc. It also has VR compatibility.


Meta Warriors is backed by our parent company Softtik Technologies ( ). We have helped 50+ projects including 25+ NFT drops raising 11 million+ for our clients.

To build a rock-solid foundation and turn our long-term vision into reality, we’ve laser-focused on the following areas:

Play to Earn Mechanism – Meta Warriors isn’t just another one of those all-talk, no-action games that has been developed just for the sake of developers to earn money. We believe – if you are spending your precious hours playing our game, you should be incentivized. That’s the reason we’ve implemented a serious Play-to-Earn Mechanism where you can earn money while also having fun.

High Accessibility – Meta Warriors will be available as a web application and across Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to everyone looking forward to getting their hands on the game.

Multi-mode Gameplay – You can immerse yourself in three fun, breath-taking, and thrilling gameplay modes:

Focus on Player Interactivity –Meta Warriors is more than just a game, it is a place where the players can socialize and live a completely digital life. While you can build your empire within the game, you have the option of interacting with other players, perhaps even forming alliances.

Seamless Registration Process –You will be able to register into our game only with email and password and don’t need to remember or maintain your seed or private keys personally. All will be handled on a consensus layer in a decentralized manner.


Revenue Streams

Meta Warriors has five Revenue Streams where players and creators can exchange Meta Warrior Tokens. Here’s how it will be allocated:-

1. Land Sale

2. Genesis Character NFT Sale

3.3D NFT Assets Sales/Upgrades

4.Transaction Fees = 5% of any Meta Warrior NFT

5.Advertising Revenue

6.Lucky Spin for NFT Assets



Step into the revolution with the Meta Warriors. From horrific zombie-themed cities to giving players the chance to travel the world, Meta Warriors is the revolution that the gaming community has been waiting for. As we mentioned before, the Meta Warriors is a fully-decentralized AAA zombie-killing game with a community-driven approach. We’ve grand plans for this game - with several additions and bonuses for amazing players like you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be a part of the revolution!


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Project Key Metrics
Sale Price 1 $MWS = $0.095
Sale Start Time (UTC) 2022-10-06 04:30
Sale End Time (UTC) 2022-10-07 18:30
Token Distribution (UTC) 2022-10-17 09:00
Initial Market Cap $325,000
Total Supply 100,000,000
Initial Token Circulation 3,250,000