1. What is the utility token of SuperPad ?

Answer:- SPAD is the utility Token of SuperPad.


2. What is the total supply of the SPAD ?

Answer:- Total supply of SPAD token is 200 Million (20,00,00,000).


3. What is the minimum amount of SPAD required to stake?

Answer:- There is no minimum maximum limit you can start staking with 1 SPAD but for lottery ticket you should stake minimum (TBA After TGE) SPAD Tokens.


4.What is the minimum and maximum number of Days for staking?

Answer:- You can stake minimum for 10 days and maximum for 3 years.


5.When do I get tickets upon staking?

Answer:- Tickets are earned and available immediately upon staking. If there is any IDO whitelist going on, you can stake and participate in the whitelist immediately. No need to wait for the staking period to end.


6. How many tiers are there?

Answer:- There are 6 tiers with varying staking amounts and tier weightage. You can read all about the tiers in our staking and tier system page.


7.  Is KYC mandatory for IDOs?

Answer:- KYC is mandatory for all user before participating in the IDO. At the time of signup you have to complete KYC. this is one time process you dont need to do kyc for every new sale.


8. Can I unstake or withdraw before the deadline?

Answer:- Yes. But u need to pay penalty if u unstake before time. penalty rate is vary according to time of staking. it depends how much time remains in unstake.


9. Which nationalities can participate in an IDO?

Answer:-  Please note that each IDO can add their own requirements, and we suggest you check the rules for each project to determine your eligibility for participation.


10. What is the Probability of Winning

Answer:-  We are looking to create as many winners as possible, but the chances of winning will be determined by the total number of valid whitelist applications. This will only be known once the whitelist has been closed. This probability varies from project to project, and cannot be determined in advance of closing the whitelist.  


11. Which wallets are supported by SuperPad?

Answer:- currently we supporting both MetaMask and Wallet Connect.



More FAQ added after TGE event related to staking and tiers and full process .


Any Queries regarding FAQ you can contact us :- support@superpad.finance